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  • 113 How to create a worst case scenario plan
  • When you stand on the precipice of a big decision all the fears come bubbling to the surface. But they swill around in your brain in a mess of half finished thoughts and cause you to feel paralysed. Even if you take action steps despite these fears you lose out of the joy of this phase of the journey because you’re so worried about what you’ll do if it all goes wrong. Which is why I want to explain to you how to make a Worst Case Scenario Plan.
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  • 112 Slow Living, with Brooke McAlary
  • So many of us want to change our lives because we want more space for things we love, as well as a job we love. But life often seems too hectic to find that space, sense of peace or a feeling that we’re really able to enjoy what we have worked so hard to achieve. When Brooke McAlary realised the stress of her life was causing her anxiety she decided to slow her life right down.
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  • 111 Go Hunt Life with Todd Nevins
  • Just because living life on your own terms might feel like a gamble, doesn’t mean you don’t try to minimise the risk! Todd Nevins is a Digital Nomad who travels full time with his wife and their dog, encouraging other people to do the same. In fact, he’s on a mission to get one million people who are disheartened by their current lifestyle to make the decision to change it.
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  • 110 Looking For Your Passion, with Dav Piper
  • I wonder how many of us fall in to a career, and then make a real success at it before we realise that it’s not working for us. Of course, that creates a whole new problem. What are you going to do next? Well, that’s the story for my guest today. Dav Piper is now a gardener. But until recently her life was much like many people - the commute, the salary that’s hard to walk away from, a job that didn’t really work for her. She was successful by conventional standards but had fallen in to her career and slowly, like many of us, realised that she didn’t want to carry on. Of course, the next big problem was - what to do next?
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  • 109 Writing for a Living, with Joanna Penn
  • Joanna Penn left the corporate world a decade ago to write full time. Since then she’s become an an award winning entrepreneur, a hugely successful fiction and non fiction author, podcaster and teacher of other people who want to write for a living.
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