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  • 94 Pressing Pause
  • Our story continues, as all stories do. We are in! We moved into our new smallholding last week and are starting to get used to being settled after so many months on the road. It’s very strange to put things in a cupboard knowing you won’t have to take it all back out in a matter of days! Moving house and starting yet another lifestyle can be stressful and busy, which is what today's show is all about - "pressing pause" when things get hectic. What do I mean? Have a listen!
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  • 93 Big Bangs and Daily Bangs
  • Some changes are easy to make. There will be adjustments you want to make to your life – big or small – that seem GIGANTIC to other people. However, to you, they’re a walk in the park. But what about other changes? Boy! These ones are tough! I’ve been pondering what makes certain changes harder than others and come up with a theory! In today’s show I talk about two kinds of change – Big Bangs and Daily Bangs.
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  • 92 The Third Act Belongs to You, with Suzy Walker
  • In our interview we talk about changing your name mid-life, returning to a “proper job” having worked for yourself, and our beliefs around money… and we end up making a pact together to change our attitudes towards financial security.
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  • 91 Stress - My Unfinished Business
  • There’s rarely an opportunity to reflect between the end of one project, adventure or experience and the next. So when the opportunity arises we should take it!
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  • 90 Smallholding, with Libby Syddall
  • I have a wonderful conversation with Libby Syddall who owns the smallholding we’ve been staying at for the last 2 weeks. She gives me a lot of very useful advice and shares her own story of leaving her job to run her smallholding full time, and the lessons she’s learnt along the way.
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