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  • 99 Escape Velocity, with Lee Feldman
  • I loved talking to Lee - partly because he thinks so differently to many people in the corporate world. Yet, everything he talks about - and the way he sees the challenges and opportunities facing business - are practical and compelling. You don't have to run a small, funky tech company to be inspired by his approach - big business can get it too.
  • 20/11/2018Read moreVisit Blog
  • 98 Renting Your Job or Owning It, with Mark Fritz
  • Most of us work with people and it tends to be the people stuff that makes work brilliant and awful. If you’re having problems at work most likely they are people problems. This is why, of course, so many people are looking to change their job or change their company. But what if you take yourself with you when you go?
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  • 97 Running towards Joy with Ali Soleil
  • In this conversation we talk about living out of your car, finding the adventure that's waiting for you and letting go
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  • 96 Do A Day – An interview with Bryan Falchuk
  • Today's show is another archive show – my interview with Bryan Falchuk. Bryan is the author of a wonderful book called "Do A Day" in which he explores why we get stuck in bad habits and how to break those habit...for good!
  • 30/10/2018Read moreVisit Blog
  • 95 The Good Life Project, with Jez Rose
  • There's a lot of talk in business about engagement and employee satisfaction and "leaders" spend a great deal of time (and money on leadership development courses) trying to work out how to get a more "turned on" workforce. Join me this week for a great archive episode! Behaviourist Jez Rose is a is a broadcaster, bee farmer, award-winning author and speaker, with a passion for improving cultures. Quintessentially British, he also has an obsession with tea. In this interview, we speak about Jez's Good Life Project, an innovative research initiative, evidencing the cognitive and emotional impact of nature on human health, wellbeing and behaviour, seeking to understand what nature does to our brain and specifically which activities have the greatest positive impact on us.
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