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  • Are You In An Agile State of Mind?
  • I recently watched an interview where Warren Buffett and Bill Gates talked about how they manage their time. It’s been all over social media so maybe you’ve seen it too.
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  • Thanks for this summary!
  • Thanks for this summary! Happy to talk to you in more detail about some of the topics we touched on at Meaning.
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  • Why Digital Transformation requires Leadership Transformation
  • Trust is in crisis. People distrust politicians, the media and business. And one of the key drivers of this distrust is the pace of innovation.
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Episode 25: Escape Velocity - An Interview with Lee Feldman
Episode 25: Escape Velocity - An Interview with Lee Feldman23/04/2017

Lee is a force of nature. Down to earth, humble and funny, he's also a guy who thinks and acts BIG. He was pivotal in revolutionizing how major companies used their websites back in the late 1990s, is more recently the founder of THNK Vancouver, and his latest project is to create Bicycle Mayors in every major city in the world in order to turn the bike, a 200 year old invention, in to the transportation mode of the future. I loved talking to Lee partly because he thinks so differently to much of the corporate world. Yet everything he talks about and the way he sees the challenges and opportunities facing business are practical and compelling. You don't have to run a small, funky tech company to be inspired by his approach - big business can get it too. We cover everything from his co-creation of Blast Radius, a web developer that played a massive part in changing how we use and understand the power of the web, to two personal tragedies that changed the direction of his life. We talk about THNK, take a peek inside the mind of a thought-leader and inspirational thinker, question a bunch of myths about business, climate change and what kind of leaders the world needs now and explore the power of simple pleasures. There is so much in this hour with Lee that I'm sure you'll take a lot away from it. You can find out more about THNK at and about Cycle Space at Stay in touch with me via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email ( And check out the new look website where you can find all the podcasts, plus articles and information about working with That People Thing.

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