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  • I love going to conferences. Just as well since, as a keynote speaker, I spend vast chunks of my life inside auditoriums, banquet rooms or windowless, airless conference centres.
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  • Trust is in crisis. People distrust politicians, the media and business. And one of the key drivers of this distrust is the pace of innovation.
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Episode 29: The Good Life Project with Jez Rose
Episode 29: The Good Life Project with Jez Rose21/05/2017

This week I'm talking to behaviourist Jez Rose about his new project - The Good Life Project. There's a lot of talk in business about engagement and employee satisfaction and "leaders" spend a great deal of time (and money on leadership development courses) trying to work out how to get a more "turned on" workforce. But what if it really isn't that complicated? What if the answer doesn't lie in fancy techniques and sophisticated models? What if we just need to feel connected with the natural world? In this interview with Jez Rose we talk about his research (and other research carried out over many decades) which shows that when we connect with nature our motivation, our wellbeing and our productivity all improve. Sounds crazy right? But it makes sense when you think about how even an image of nature can change your perspective on life. I hope you enjoy the episode! If you want more information about Jez's work go to For the free wildflower seeds we talk about in the episode, go to You can follow Jez on Instagram @thebehaviourexpert and you can follow the Good Life Project on instagram @thegoodlifeprojectfarm. Stay in touch with me on instagram @blairelyspalmer, twitter @blairepalmer, via our website and by commenting wherever you listen to this podcast! Thanks for all your support. It is so appreciated!

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