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  • How to be coached
  • There are millions of books (well, about 43,000) about coaching. How to be a coach, how to think like a coach, how to coach others, how to run a coaching business, how to coach yourself…but the coach is only 50% of the relationship.
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  • How to make your event less dead and more TED!
  • I love going to conferences. Just as well since, as a keynote speaker, I spend vast chunks of my life inside auditoriums, banquet rooms or windowless, airless conference centres.
  • 09/05/2017Read moreVisit Blog
  • Are You In An Agile State of Mind?
  • I recently watched an interview where Warren Buffett and Bill Gates talked about how they manage their time. It’s been all over social media so maybe you’ve seen it too.
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  • Thanks for this summary!
  • Thanks for this summary! Happy to talk to you in more detail about some of the topics we touched on at Meaning.
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  • Why Digital Transformation requires Leadership Transformation
  • Trust is in crisis. People distrust politicians, the media and business. And one of the key drivers of this distrust is the pace of innovation.
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Episode 34: Being Boss - With Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon
Episode 34: Being Boss - With Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon25/06/2017

Today's show is a conversation with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss Podcast fame. These two are real leaders - their podcast has become huge partly, I think, due to their down-to-earth yet fiesty and authentic approach to their work and their lives. In their show they help creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses and improve their lives but here they offer a fascinating insight in to how they think and what drives them as creative entrepreneurs themselves. This show is ideal if you run your own company or are thinking of doing so. But it's also important if you work for big business to understand the mindset of people who would probably never work for anyone but themselves. Numbers of business owners are rising, particularly in the over 55 category, and not only does that mean your talent is attracted to such a lifestyle but they could be setting themselves up in competition to you. They don't need your global infrastructure to make a big impact, as Emily and Kathleen show. For more about them go to And please sign up to the That People Thing newsletter, first issue coming out in the autumn. Just go to and scroll to the bottom of any page. Stay in touch via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email ( And please share this podcast. We love when you do and it means more people get to hear how they can reveal more Punk underneath their suit!

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