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  • Make Money from Podcasting, with Debbie Arcangeles
  • This week I’m talking to podcaster and digital nomad, Debbie Arcangeles. Debbie makes money from podcasting even though she doesn't have a huge audience and she’s found a business model that allows her to live wherever she likes for as long as she likes.
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  • Being Fierce, with Eleanor Beaton
  • In this episode I talk to Eleanor Beaton, an award winning Leadership expert for women entrepreneurs. A former journalist at CBC and the Globe and Mail in Canada, she helps women create globally recognised, profitable businesses. Our conversation is mainly about how to position yourself so that you’re taken seriously, so that your voice is heard and so that you are credible with your future customers and clients.
  • 11/06/2019Read moreVisit Blog
  • Get the money in first, with Blaire Palmer
  • There are lots of things to keep yourself busy when you run a business and many of them are important. But unless you set aside time to do the activities that get the money in you’re going to find yourself back in a 9-5 job. I learnt these lessons the hard way, by nearly going out of business because I was spending my time doing what I enjoyed most and not making sales, closing and keeping prospective clients moving through the funnel.
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  • Driven Woman, with Miisa Mink
  • This week's guest is Miisa Mink, Founder and Chief Doer at DrivenWoman – an accountability club for women who want to achieve their goals and dreams - and the creator of Festival Of Doers. Miisa has worked with hundreds of women who want to change their lives and in our conversation, she not only tells her own story of finding her joy, but shares the number one trait that stops other women from doing the same.
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  • 122 Are you really ready to quit your corporate job?
  • On this week’s show I’m sharing 10 good reasons to leave your corporate job. I’ve identified 10 really good reasons to quit the rat race. How many of them apply to you?
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