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  • 118 Finding your starving crowd, with Tim Tavender
  • Tim Tavender runs courses helping people create online courses but he started professional life as a PE teacher. Since then he’s pulled together pieces of experience from all over his personal and professional life to become, first a digital marketer and now an online courses expert – businesses that simply didn’t exist when he was at school. The driver for change was his family and the desire to be more present to his own health and the wellbeing of his wife and kids.
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  • 117 Resilience, with Nicki Bass
  • In this interview we talk about Nicki’s own journey, her army career and her decision to leave after 17 years and set up her own business. AND we talk about this concept of resilience, and how to grow and become stronger as a result of the experiences that happen to us in life OR from experiences we intentionally put ourselves through.
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  • 116 Business Models
  • It’s all very well knowing you don’t want to carry on working and living the way you do right now. But it’s not always clear what you should do instead. If you’re unsure what to do when you escape the rat race one place to start is to think, not about what you want to DO, but what business model would work best for you. In this show I share 23 ideas for different business models so that you can start thinking about how you might set yourself up outside of the conventional 9-5.
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  • 115 Talking money, with Andy Hill
  • Andy Hill is a podcaster and author who is passionate about creating an incredible life for his family by being financially intelligent. He and his wife managed to pay off $50,000 of personal debt and their whole mortgage within 5 years and increased their net worth from $50,000 to $750,000 in 8 years. In this interview we talk about how Andy and his wife sorted out their own debt issues, how he balances a full time job with a busy and successful side hustle AND family life. And how to plan your finances as you start planning your escape from the rat race
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  • 114 Putting Yourself Out There, with Janet Murray
  • Putting yourself out there doesn’t come naturally to most of us but it’s a vital part of being in business and, in some ways, it’s never been so complicated. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin not to mention blogging, podcasting and, email marketing… where do you start? That’s why I wanted to talk to Janet Murray. Janet is a former journalist who specialises in helping people grow their audience so they can succeed in business.
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