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  • 122 Are you really ready to quit your corporate job?
  • On this week’s show I’m sharing 10 good reasons to leave your corporate job. I’ve identified 10 really good reasons to quit the rat race. How many of them apply to you?
  • 21/05/2019Read moreVisit Blog
  • 121 Funny Business, with Marc Hogan
  • Marc Hogan, took a £1 bet that he couldn’t put on a one hour show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival within 12 months. This was 10 years ago and on today’s show Marc explains how this changed everything for him.
  • 14/05/2019Read moreVisit Blog
  • 120 Flexible working, with Ursula Tavender
  • Today’s guest, Ursula Tavender, couldn’t find a job that that suited how she wanted to live her life as a parent—certainly not without making sacrifices she didn't want to make! So she set up her own business, helping change that story for other women.
  • 07/05/2019Read moreVisit Blog
  • 119 Living from the inside out, with Talita Ferreira
  • Talita Ferreira was Chief Finance Officer and Chief HR Officer of BMW UK and BMW Financial Services until about 2 years ago. The next step, if she had decided to stay on her career trajectory, would have been CEO. But instead she decided to go it alone.
  • 30/04/2019Read moreVisit Blog
  • 118 Finding your starving crowd, with Tim Tavender
  • Tim Tavender runs courses helping people create online courses but he started professional life as a PE teacher. Since then he’s pulled together pieces of experience from all over his personal and professional life to become, first a digital marketer and now an online courses expert – businesses that simply didn’t exist when he was at school. The driver for change was his family and the desire to be more present to his own health and the wellbeing of his wife and kids.
  • 16/04/2019Read moreVisit Blog


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