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How can you go from a punk in a suit to a Punk underneath that suit? “Compelling and inspirational”, “I thought I knew everything about leadership but I was wrong”, “Great advice”. Listen to the Punks in Suits podcast, out every Monday!

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I don’t think we would have achieved the success we did without the determined, consistent, honest and challenging support that Blaire and her team brought to the project. Steve Hardy
Former CEO, AXA Personal Lines.

Through her books, Blaire shares thought-provoking ideas, inspiring readers to step up and drive change.

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Change is a constant in business. But when it affects you personally it's not always clear which road to take. should you leap or stay with what you know?

Change hurts. We all know that. Even when you're the one initiating change it's painful. And when you find yourself at a crossroads it's not always obvious which way to turn. Whether it's the lure of an exciting new job, the opportunity to step out of corporate life and join a small disrupter, or whether you're facing the prospect of a change in lifestyle through redundancy, retirement or family circumstances, getting the right confidante and coach is crucial to making the decision that's right for you...and all the decisions that then follow. New generations of people are entering the workforce who aren't willing to sacrifice their values, their freedoms, their individuality for their job. And that's good for business. It means they're bringing their whole selves to work in service of the customer. So why shouldn't you? It's time to reveal some of the Punk underneath your suit.

You can’t out-source these big decisions to someone else. But, with us, you join a community of leaders – a gang – who are willing to reveal a little more of the Punk underneath their suit.

What kind of leaders does business need today? How do you bring about change so that you and your business will be fit for the threats and opportunities ahead?

Our CEO, Blaire Palmer, is at the forefront of new thinking about leadership and change. In her keynote speeches she busts outdated myths of leadership and reveals how organisations, and individuals, truly change presenting a model of the kind of businesses our world needs now. Inspirational, funny and thought-provoking, Blaire draws on two decades of experience inside the boardrooms of international companies and her own dramatic ongoing journey of change and challenges audiences to re-think everything they thought they knew about what it takes to make a change.



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If you want to truly make a difference, do work that has meaning to you and genuinely serves the community you need to reconnect with your passion, your purpose and your authenticity. You need time to work out what you care about, what you stand for, what you have to offer and what your people, your customer and the wider world need of you. When you find yourself at a professional crossroads, these are the questions you need to be asking. The answers will determine whether you stay still. Or whether you leap.


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Your people are the DNA of your business. They are the only thing your competitors can’t duplicate.

So you need them to be on top form. But they'll only change if you do. Working with Blaire Palmer by your side enables you to tap her nearly 20 years of expertise, her fresh, critical thinking, her network of cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners and her ability to simplify, clarify and articulate what’s going on so that YOU can be your own disrupters and re-think your organisation for the future.


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