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What worked for you yesterday doesn't necessarily work today. What was thrilling, challenging and meaningful last year isn't necessarily today. What you believed was important a decade ago isn't what you believe is important today. There comes a time when you need to reflect, philosophise, question everything, and unpick habits that no longer serve you or your company.

Our 1-2-1, Group and Board Coaching Programmes offer a provocative, supportive and reflective space for Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs and Creative individuals facing change; a chance to untangle personal and strategic questions, make choices that effect their lives and the lives of others, work out how to inspire those around them and re-define what kind of person they are underneath the suit.

NEW!! 1-2-1 Personal Coaching

When you find yourself at a crossroads - a new role, a new business venture, a change in lifestlye because of redundancy, retirement or changing personal circumstances - it's not always easy to know which way to go. Should you stick with what's known, secure, understood by others. Or should you leap? The answer isn't as obvious as it seems.

Each year Blaire works with a handful of individuals who want to figure out what they want, what they care about, what they have to offer and what the right choice is for them. And then, together, they figure out how to make it happen.

Blaire believes that it is possible - from 20 years coaching senior leaders, entrepreneurs and creative individuals, and countless intentional changes in her own life - to find meaning and purpose in your work and really make a difference. And sometimes to be true to who you are you have to make a change. Maybe now is that time. But what that change is and how to make it a reality isn't always obvious. In her 1-2-1 coaching she inspires, guides and encourages clients to look at what's possible for them and then disrupt the status quo to bring about change. 

You can work with Blaire through your organisation or privately.

Call Blaire NOW to discuss how to work with her and to arrange your free trial session.

NEW!! 1-2-1 Personal Coaching

Coaching for Groups

Our Coaching for Groups Programmes are designed either for teams or groups of individuals who want to learn more about themselves as leaders in their field and as human beings, and who want to bring about change in their professional lives.

If you are at a professional crossroads - the opportunity for a new role, new venture, new lifestyle - we have a group programme for you. You'll explore how you can be professionally aligned so that you do what you love, what you have a talent for, what the people you serve actually need and make an impact when you do. Yo'll be guided towards making choices that are aligned with your values and that give you the opportunity to do work that gives you a deep sense of meaning and fulfils your purpose.

You will:

  • Become a "Re-Thinker", re-wiring your thinking habits and questioning out-dated myths of success
  • Put purpose, rather than ego and expediency, at the centre of your decision-making 
  • Identify your values, and your value, and how you can leverage both to actually make a difference through your work
  • Reconnect with your mojo, your inner Punk and discover how to release more of your authentic self in to the world 
  • Make real decisions and take decisive actions to bring about permanent change

Call Blaire to discuss what’s going on in your life and how we can work together to create sustainable change for you.

Warning - Our programmes will change your life.

Coaching for Groups

Coaching for Boards

A Board really only has two leadership responsibilities - to be the custodians of the organisation's purpose and to create the space for people and their ideas to thrive in service of that purpose. To maintain that focus Boards must keep themselves under continual review, challenging themselves to form a “line of one”.

Blaire and the team provoke, coach and support Boards and Leadership Teams to have the conversations they need to have, deepen trust and honesty, make tough choices, distribute decision-making as far down the organisation as possible and answer fundamental questions about what their business really stands for and what it is there to deliver so they can successfully lead their organisations in these fast-changing times.

It’s surprising to us that more Boards don’t regularly work with a world-class coach. On the other hand, by doing so you give your organisation an immediate edge.

Call Blaire to find out how to work with us before your competitors catch on.

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