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You can't just crank the handle faster and faster and expect people to keep producing ever improving results. Leaders (as opposed to Bosses) need to get smarter than that. In this new world, the cost of failing to critique yourself, forgetting what you stand for and avoiding home truths is immense.

Our 1-2-1, Group and Board Coaching Programmes offer a provocative and reflective space for CEOs and Senior Executives to untangle and articulate strategic questions, work out how to inspire those around them and re-define what kind of leader they need to be for the business to succeed in the 21st Century.

1-2-1 Executive Coaching

Leadership isn’t something you do to other people. It’s a way of being. It’s about asking big questions, questions that threaten to disrupt your world view and change the culture, direction or purpose of your business. And it’s about self-development – inner reflection, critique, deepening awareness and unpicking habits that no longer serve you or your organisation. When you do these two things, you are able to solve problems more creatively, empower others to lead, gain clarity and tap your own wisdom.

Each year Blaire opens her 1-2-1 coaching practice to a handful of individuals who are committed to sharpening their thinking, their awareness and their impact without sacrificing balance, peace of mind or their own true self as a leader.

If this sounds like you, call Blaire to discuss how to work with her and to arrange your free trial session.

1-2-1 Executive Coaching

Coaching for Groups

Leadership is not a one-man band. It requires a gang. Our Coaching for Groups Programmes are designed either for intact teams or cross-functional groups who want to learn more about themselves as leaders and bring about change in their organisation.

There are no handouts. We don’t have a list of “take aways”. We can’t “teach” you to lead.

Instead our work with you transforms your organisation by focusing leaders on what really drives results:

  • Becoming "Re-Thinkers", willing to re-wire their thinking habits and question out-dated myths of leadership
  • Putting the organisation's purpose, rather than ego and expediency, at the centre of decision-making 
  • Creating true collaboration inside and outside the business
  • Generating trust and respect at all levels
  • Distributing information, control, power and decision-making around the business to tap the talent of all of your amazing people
  • Reconnecting leaders with their values, needs and sense of self so they can inspire others to do the same

Call Blaire to discuss what’s going on in your organisation and how we can create a programme that sparks sustainable change through your leaders.

Warning - Our programmes will change your company. Only hire us if you are serious about change.

Coaching for Groups

Coaching for Boards

A Board really only has two leadership responsibilities - to be the custodians of the organisation's purpose and to create the space for people and their ideas to thrive in service of that purpose. To maintain that focus Boards must keep themselves under continual review, challenging themselves to form a “line of one”.

Blaire and the team provoke, coach and support Boards and Leadership Teams to have the conversations they need to have, deepen trust and honesty, distribute decision-making as far down the organisation as possible and answer fundamental questions about what their business really stands for and what it is there to deliver so they can successfully lead their organisations in these fast-changing times.

It’s surprising to us that more Boards don’t regularly work with a world-class coach. On the other hand, by doing so you give your organisation an immediate edge.

Call Blaire to find out how to work with us before your competitors catch on.

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